Mustard Seed Groups


Jesus once told a story likening the Kingdom of Heaven to a tiny mustard seed that then grows into maturity in size and stature for the sake of the “birds of the air.” It is our hope that Oak Church exists throughout the week, scattered as Mustard Seeds, growing as small local kingdom outcroppings, places where God’s reign and rule is present, groups of people growing in hope, healing, and hospitality in and through Christ together, little enclaves that provide shade, safety and flourishing to our neighbors around us, colonies of the kingdom where we grow closer to each other and to our King.

Click here to hear the The Kingdom is Like…A Mustard Seed (sermon on 9/20/15).

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Jozwiak Group (Woodcroft)

Every other Monday @ 7pm

Study and prayer group hosted by Laura & Brandon Jozwiak.

Bivins Street Group (Lakewood)

Every other Wednesday @ 7pm

Study and prayer group hosted by Ashleigh Brown, led by Kat & Brian Manchester.

Pendrak Group (Woodcroft)

Every other Thursday at 7:30pm

Study and prayer group hosted by Brynn & Jay Pendrak, led by Chris Breslin.

Lakewood Breakfast Club

Saturday Mornings (time and location subject to change).

Saturday Morning Fellowship Meal hosted by Joey & Kelcie Morningstar.

Young Families Get Together (First Sundays)

First Sunday of each month. (time and location subject to change).

November 6: 4:30pm, Rockwood Park

Contact Rachel Breslin.

Newcomers Dinner (Last Sundays)

Last Sunday of each month

6:30pm at Chris & Rachel Breslin’s Home (18 St. James Ct. Durham, NC 27713)

Contact Rachel Breslin.