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The Biblical Story

The biblical story starts with a Tree, runs through the Tree of the Cross, and culminates in the Tree of Life whose “leaves are for the healing of the nations.”


The bible often presents trees as a sign and an instrument of flourishing. Trees are often landmarks of water & sustenance while providing fruit. They provide shade and protection.


It is at the Oaks of Mamre that Abraham encounters the Lord and provides hospitality for God’s messengers. This reception and hospitality is the start of God’s plan to redeem the world through a people, through a family. This family will be redeemed and reformed around a “shoot from the stump of Jesse,” the long-awaited messiah, Jesus.


Throughout Scripture’s story, trees are often shown as animated with creation’s praise for its Creator. As mountains and hills burst into song, trees “clap their hands.” The sea roars and the countryside celebrates while the trees shout with joy at the Lord’s coming.