Sabbath: Resting

Sabbath: Resting


JR Briggs

Exodus 20:1-17,Hebrews 4:1,6-9

J.R. Briggs of Ecclesia Network & Renew Community

J.R. Briggs serves as Cultural Cultivator of The Renew Community a Jesus community for skeptics and dreamers in Lansdale, PA – a suburb of Philadelphia, which he helped start. He is the founder and director of Kairos Partnerships an initiative that partners with leaders, pastors and church planters during significant kairos moments in ministry. As part of his time with Kairos Partnerships, he serves on staff with The Ecclesia Network and Fresh Expressions U.S. In addition to these responsibilities he speaks regularly, writes, coaches pastors and church planters and consults with Christian colleges, non-profits, mission agencies, churches and other Christian organizations.

He is the author of Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure (IVP, 2014) and is completing another project called Eldership and the Mission of God (co-written with Bob Hyatt) to be released January 2015 with InterVarsity Press.

J.R. and his wife Megan have two sons, Carter and Bennett along with two pet goldfish Gus and Gretta. They live in the heart of gritty Lansdale, PA.


Sabbath Planning Worksheet & Sabbath Starters

Sabbath Planning Worksheet & Sabbath Starters (for Students)


“Like the Water” by Wendell Berry

Like the water

of a deep stream,

love is always too much.

We did not make it.

Though we drink till we burst,

we cannot have it all,

or want it all.

In its abundance

it survives our thirst.


In the evening we come down to the shore

to drink our fill,

and sleep,

while it flows

through the regions of the dark.

It does not hold us,

except we keep returning to its rich waters



We enter,

willing to die,

into the commonwealth of its joy.


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