The Kingdom Is Like…Good Soil

The Kingdom Is Like…Good Soil

Matt Tintera
Mark 4:1-20

“There is an entire ecosystem in a handful of soil: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms. Through their breeding and dying such creatures vivify the world…Soil is not dirt. It is a living organism, or rather a collection of organisms, and it must be fed. Soil both craves life and wants to produce more life, even a hundredfold.” –Fred Bahnson

“The true profundity of our soil [at Anathoth] was difficult to gauge. One day I slid my hand into one of the greenhouse beds. I gently pushed down and kept pushing until my arm vanished and my shoulder touched the soil’s surface. It had seemed then as if I could keep burrowing downward, until my entire body was swallowed by the warm, dark earth. Soil is a portal to another world.” –Fred Bahnson

“…one has to have a powerful religious imagination to see redemption in the cross, to discover life in death and hope in tragedy.” –James Cone

I love your simple story of the sower,

With all its close attention to the soil,

Its movement from the knowledge to the knower,

Its take on the tenacity of toil.


I feel the fall of seed a sower scatters,

So equally available to all,

Your story takes me straight to all that matters,

Yet understands the reasons why I fall.


Oh deepen me where I am thin and shallow,

Uproot in me the thistle and the thorn,

Keep far from me that swiftly snatching shadow,

That seizes on your seed to mock and scorn.


O break me open, Jesus, set me free,

Then find and keep your own good ground in me.

-Good Ground by Malcolm Guite

(audio of the author’s reading)

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Isaiah 6:5

Genesis 32:22-32


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